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Treatment for Trauma and Depression – Xander Maandag

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Treatment for Trauma and Depression – Xander Maandag


Family. Solution. Life.

We try to offer as much information as possible to the people who seek us, because we understand that trusting your well-being to others is not an easy decision to make. For this reason, we have strived for an open and transparent intake and admission process and answer all the questions that are made.

Yet, there is nothing like hearing from someone who has taken the same journey. Someone who may have felt exactly the same doubts, the same fears and hopes.

The first ambassadors of VillaRamadas – men and women who have not only successfully completed treatment with us but have gone on to live the lives we had wished for them – have generously open their hearts and shared part of their experience so that others may feel more secure when starting on the same path they have already walked.

Below we leave you the story of Xander Maandag.

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Xander completed two intensive treatments with VillaRamadas with a focus on depression and trauma. Having gone through significant traumatic experiences in his childhood and teenage years, he developed trauma-related complaints that had a considerable impact on his life and, not surprisingly, led to a depression. After his first treatment, and when he went through a big loss in his life, Xander did not hesitate to ask for help once again. That in itself is not always easy; in fact, it could be the most difficult moment in a therapeutic process. But it is also the most crucial one.




All of us experience negative life events that have an impact on how we see the world and ourselves. However, when these events are not properly processed for one reason or another, they can lead to complaints that significantly limit our lives. Trauma-related complaints can be varied, from avoidance of certain situations, to nightmares and even somatic symptoms that do not have any underlying medical cause. Considering how much these and other complaints can affect someone’s life, it is not unusual for people who have them to develop a depressive disorder. In these cases, it is important that treatment addresses both problems with the goal of not only improving current quality of life but also preventing future symptomatology.


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“Xander Maandag”

``It was the best decision I’ve took in my life. The Change & Grow program saved my life and made life livable.``

Why VillaRamadas?

“VillaRamadas was for me the best option for trauma (PTSD) and depression treatment. It was a 12-week program for double diagnose treatment.”

Chose three words to describe VillaRamadas.

“Family. Solution. Life.”

After VillaRamadas, your live is…

“My life became livable; I could see and be grateful again for the small things in life. It was an 180 degrees turn, of how I came into treatment.”

Describe your experience in VillaRamadas.

“We had the privilege of being a part of a pilot group in March 2020 for double diagnoses. It was a heavy but such a beautiful ride. We spent almost 3 months with the same group of fellows in a beautiful treatment centre. We all were differently diagnosed (OCD, trauma, PTSD, depression). We all worked so hard during the week in group therapy 4 times a day and individual sessions 1 time a day. And lots of EMDR sessions  with literally the best psychologists in the field. Who were at times professionally very strict and also very personal and loving when needed. It was the perfect environment for me to deal with the trauma/ptsd from the past. In the weekends we could really relax on the property, we had a beautiful swimming pool, a gym, sunbeds, personal trainers and outings to the beach and different cities. With 5 fellows of that group we are still until this day like family and we still see each other on a regular basis.  It was the best decision I’ve took in my life. The Change & Grow program saved my life and made life livable. And still until this day when my PTSD pops up they are always there for me and give me the treatment I need and when I need it, online or personal. VillaRamadas cares for their clients and we became friends for life.”


Xander had the courage to ask for help when he felt he needed it. He continues to work on himself instead of throwing up his hands and giving up like many would.

Choose three words to describe Xander.

Sociable. Active. Fun.

Describe your experience with Xander.

Xander is very outgoing and has an easy time creating connections with others. Because of this, he always manages to become an important influence in the groups where he is inserted.


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