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Treatment for Trauma and Depression – Sadiq Kerimli

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Treatment for Trauma and Depression – Sadiq Kerimli


Love. Patients. Recovery. 

We try to offer as much information as possible to the people who seek us, because we understand that trusting your well-being to others is not an easy decision to make. For this reason, we have strived for an open and transparent intake and admission process and answer all the questions that are made.  

Yet, there is nothing like hearing from someone who has taken the same journey. Someone who may have felt exactly the same doubts, the same fears and hopes.  

The first ambassadors of VillaRamadas – men and women who have not only successfully completed treatment with us but have gone on to live the lives we had wished for them – have generously open their hearts and shared part of their experience so that others may feel more secure when starting on the same path they have already walked. 

Below we leave you the story of Sadiq Kerimli.

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Sadiq completed one intensive treatment with VillaRamadas and later one ambulant treatment focusing on trauma and depressive symptomatology. Having gone through significant traumatic experiences in his past, he developed trauma-related complaints that had a considerable impact on his life and, not surprisingly, led to depressive symptomatology. After finishing his intensive treatment in Portugal, he made the decision to seek further help and continued with an ambulant treatment in the Netherlands. Recognizing the importance of support in his first months back home was very important for Sadiq’s recovery and allowed him to not only maintain all the gains he had already made in Portugal, but also continue to improve on his therapeutic goals.


All of us experience negative life events that have an impact on how we see the world and ourselves. However, when these events are not properly processed for one reason or another, they can lead to complaints that significantly limit our lives. Trauma-related complaints can be varied, from avoidance of certain situations, to nightmares and even somatic symptoms that do not have any underlying medical cause. Considering how much these and other complaints can affect someone’s life, it is not unusual for people who have them to develop a depressive disorder. In these cases, it is important that treatment addresses both problems with the goal of not only improving current quality of life but also preventing future symptomatology.


sadik scaled

“Sadik Kerimli”

``Best treatment ever...I love it how the therapists were straight to the point. I believed in them and that helped me to help myself better.``

Why VillaRamadas?

“Best treatment ever.”

Chose three words to describe VillaRamadas.

“Love, patients, recovery.” 

After VillaRamadas, your live is…

“Amazing, I can finally live my live on a proper way. I love to be clean with a clear mind.” 

Describe your experience in VillaRamadas.

“It was really difficult to let go of control in the beginning. But I love it how the therapists were straight to the point. I believed in them and that helped me to help myself better.”


Sadiq recognized his need for further support and asked for it, continuing to work himself even when he returned home. He remained dedicated to his therapeutic journey, something that allowed him to remain in recovery and achieve his therapeutic goals. 

Choose three words to describe Sadik.

Sociable. Fun. Dedicated. 

Describe your experience with Sadik.

In the beginning, it was difficult for Sadiq to be open and share his thoughts and emotions but he was able to slowly trust the team and, when he did, he was very dedicated to the treatment.  


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