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Treatment for Substance Abuse – Bjorn Wekking

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Treatment for Substance Abuse – Bjorn Wekking


Calm. Serene. Beautiful. 

We try to offer as much information as possible to the people who seek us, because we understand that trusting your well-being to others is not an easy decision to make. For this reason, we have strived for an open and transparent intake and admission process and answer all the questions that are made.  

Yet, there is nothing like hearing from someone who has taken the same journey. Someone who may have felt exactly the same doubts, the same fears and hopes.  

The first ambassadors of VillaRamadas – men and women who have not only successfully completed treatment with us but have gone on to live the lives we had wished for them – have generously open their hearts and shared part of their experience so that others may feel more secure when starting on the same path they have already walked.  

Below we leave you the story of Bjorn Wekking. 

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Bjorn completed a treatment for addiction with VillaRamadas. As for many others who end up developing an addiction, Bjorn’s use went from recreational to problematic when he started to utilize it as a way to manage his emotions. Throughout treatment, Bjorn made incredible progress in being able to use healthy coping strategies to deal with potential negative life events and resulting negative emotions. Bjorn continues to tackle any challenges that appear and grow with each one he overcomes. We hope Bjorn never stops growing and that he always remembers that he has in him all he needs to achieve his goals.  


The use of psychoactive substances can be traced back to ancient civilizations. It has been an intrinsic part of human social rituals for millennia, and it is likely that it will continue to be so for many more centuries to come. Unfortunately, despite its place in our history, the use of psychoactive substances can lead to serious negative consequences, namely the development of an addiction. There has been an increase in the prevalence of substance use disorders in the world and it is believed that it will only keep growing. It is important to be aware and seek help as soon as the use of this type of substances starts causing suffering or having a significant impact in other areas of life (e.g., school, work, family).


bjorn scaled
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“Bjorn Wekking”

``My experience was perfect; I can’t describe it in a different way. It changed my life.``

Why VillaRamadas?

“I heard very good stories.”

Chose three words to describe VillaRamadas.

“Calm, serene, beautiful.”  

After VillaRamadas, your live is…

“Changed for the better.” 

Describe your experience in VillaRamadas.

“My experience was perfect; I can’t describe it in a different way. It changed my life.” 


Bjorn had a very successful therapeutic process, making significant progress all of his original goals. The fact that he kept working on himself and growing even after returning home shows that he is committed to his recovery and living a life according to the principles that govern our treatment model. 

Choose three words to describe Bjorn.

Reserved. Funny. Focused.  

Describe your experience with Bjorn.

Bjorn is a quiet but very focused person. His motivated allowed to make significant changes in a short period of time. 


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