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Treatment for Burnout and Depression – Fernando Krause

Testimonials Burnout Depression

Treatment for Burnout and Depression – Fernando Krause


Life-changing. Family. Respected.

We try to offer as much information as possible to the people who seek us, because we understand that trusting your well-being to others is not an easy decision to make. For this reason, we have strived for an open and transparent intake and admission process and answer  all the questions that are made.

Yet, there is nothing like hearing from someone who has taken the same journey. Someone who may have felt exactly the same doubts, the same fears and hopes.

The first ambassadors of VillaRamadas – men and women who have not only successfully completed treatment with us but have gone on to live the lives we had wished for them – have generously open their hearts and shared part of their experience so that others may feel more secure when starting on the same path they have already walked.

Below we leave you the story of Fernando Krause.

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Fernando Krause completed treatment with VillaRamadas for depression – a depression born of, among other things, a burnout. In an age where success is measured by professional achievements and material rewards, it is not surprising that a growing number of people push past their limits until they burn out. Fernando’s amazing dedication, his strive to always give his best made him give too much of himself until he was able to only give too little. But by showing as much dedication to his recovery, he learned to turn the drive into a source of positivity, not stress. He learned to give success a very different meaning. After working on himself, Fernando embraced a new challenge and is now helping others work on themselves. If this isn’t a success story, we don’t know what is! Keep up the great work!


Burnout is not a diagnosis recognized in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) but is a syndrome that integrates symptoms from other well-known disorders, such as depression. While burnout is exclusively associated with work, depression affects all areas of life. If a burnout goes ignored for too long, it could lead to the development of a depression or even other serious disorders.


fernando krause scaled
fernando krause1 scaled

“Fernando Krause”

“All the words I am going to use are probably not enough. VillaRamadas has had the patience to really starting to know me. Guide me, break me and get me back on my feet. Guiding me when I needed, letting me go when I had to…”

Chose three words to describe VillaRamadas.

“Life changing. Family. Making it personal (Respected).”

After VillaRamadas, your live is…

“…positive, joyful,  energetic.”

Describe your experience in VillaRamadas.

“All the words I am going to use are probably not enough. VillaRamadas has had the patience to really starting to know me. Guide me, break me and get me back on my feet. Guiding me when I needed, letting me go when I had to. For me the therapy in Portugal as well as being home during aftercare were life changing and I cannot imagine what would have happened to me if I would have not had possibility to come in to treatment.  It is beautiful to see that the therapists and staff are genuine, honest and do personally care to help you in this journey. They are not only therapists, but also real people. The little extra they give when they see that you want to get better. I would wish that anyone, no matter what their problem is, get/take the opportunity to join the program. I am convinced it will be good for everyone!”


When Fernando finally gave into the program, he grabbed the opportunity with both hands and worked tirelessly to understand himself better and build a life that will offer him genuine fulfilment and happiness. Confronting your insecurities and weakness is far from easy. It takes courage and strength, things that he is now passing on to others.

Choose three words to describe Fernando.

Driven. Sensitive. Funny.

Describe your experience with Fernando.

Fernando is very intelligent and driven, at times to a fault. But when he let go of control and learned to trust, he was an amazing teammate in what should always be a team effort. He was challenging in the best way, and was rarely the only one who left the conversation with something new to ponder on.


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