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Treatment for Alcohol and Cocaine – Fred van Galen

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Treatment for Alcohol and Cocaine – Fred van Galen


Trust. Knowledge. Accommodation.

We try to offer as much information as possible to the people who seek us, because we understand that trusting your well-being to others is not an easy decision to make. For this reason, we have strived for an open and transparent intake and admission process and answer all the questions that are made.

Yet, there is nothing like hearing from someone who has taken the same journey. Someone who may have felt exactly the same doubts, the same fears and hopes.

The first ambassadors of VillaRamadas – men and women who have not only successfully completed treatment with us but have gone on to live the lives we had wished for them – have generously open their hearts and shared part of their experience so that others may feel more secure when starting on the same path they have already walked.

Below we leave you the story of Fred van Galen.

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Fred van Galen completed treatment with VillaRamadas for an addiction to alcohol and cocaine. As it happened with a lot of the people who seek us, his substance use started out in social situations and gradually took control over his life. This is the hallmark of an addiction – when we stop being the ones controlling a behavior and the behavior starts being the one controlling us. And all of us can fall victim to it, but not everyone can find the strength to stop being one. Fred has once again taken control of his life and his future. He is slowly but surely achieving each of his goals one by one. We hope to be here to cheer all the victories to come.


Alcohol and cocaine are a match made in hell. They often appear together but their interaction only aggravates the outcome of the addiction. It is so common a combination, that when people seek us for a cocaine addiction we always explore their relationship with alcohol. Some people only use cocaine when under the influence of alcohol, and even if they do not have a problem managing their alcohol use it can still became a trigger. One of the first steps in treating addiction, is understanding it, and addiction does not look the same for everyone. It is essential to analyze the function each substance is serving in a person’s life (e.g., manage stress, avoid negative emotions) and the patter of use (e.g., when the person uses, if they combine substances), so that we can offer alternative strategies and better prevent future relapses.


fred van galen scaled
fred van galen1 scaled

“Fred van Galen”

``The whole adventure was the best experience I ever had. For the first time in my life, I looked back. I think it is a good idea for everybody to do this one time in his/her life.``

Why VillaRamadas?

“The whole process was very quick. In a couple of weeks, I was in Portugal.”

Chose three words to describe VillaRamadas.

“Trust. Knowledge. Accommodation.”

After VillaRamadas, your live is…

“Much better than before. I found back my pride and am the man I want to be.”

Describe your experience in VillaRamadas.

“The whole adventure was the best experience I ever had. For the first time in my life, I looked back. I think it is a good idea for everybody to do this one time in his/her life.”


Fred gives his all to the things that matter to him. He showed an amazing level of commitment to the program and the Change & Grow® Model from the start and has since been striving to live according to the five principles it encompasses (Truth, Acceptance, Gratitude, Love, Responsibility).

Choose three words to describe Fred.

Dedicated. Committed. Fighter.

Describe your experience with Fred. 

He was always very interested to learn more and work on his personal development. Here is someone who wanted to become a better person and did. And continues to do so. Not many people can say that.


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