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Sex dependency: how to identify and consequences


Sex dependency: how to identify and consequences


Sex addiction, also known as Hyperactive Sexual Desire, is an addiction that manifests itself through an uncontrolled sexual drive.

1. How is sex dependence identified?

Sex addiction begins to detect itself with the deprivation symptoms inherent in the absence of sexual activity. It is common for the addict to obsessively seek sex and, failing that, buy that sex without any associated feelings. Physical intimacy contrasts with enormous psychological distance, as the partner’s name is often not known.

The spectrum of behavior of individuals considered addicted to sex may include obsessive masturbation, exhibitionism, purchase of pornographic material, use of erotic services by telephone or via the Internet, voyeurism, sexual relations with unknown people or sex workers, sexual abuse, sexual behavior in public, sadomasochism. At the limit, it may include rape, incest, abuse of children or adults with a deficit of conscience, among others.

2. Consequences of sex dependence

In physical terms, sex dependence exposes you to sleep problems, high blood pressure, physical exhaustion, ulcers, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual dysfunction, among others.

from an emotional point of view, this dependence smothers feelings to such an extent that the person may even experience sloppiness and apathy. Childishness, impatience, excessive demand, fear of rejection, isolation and despair are also common in this type of dependency.

At cognitive level, can interfere with mental processes, compromising alertness, mental acuity, attention and concentration. Still, the continuity of lying, denial, rationalization, minimization and projection are likely to trigger paranoid thoughts, such as the persecution mania.

Dependents can also spendfinancial resourcesthey have and do not have, with prostitution, pornography, sexual instruments, video calls and erotic encounters, eccentric gifts for lovers, among other expenses.

In the social field (family, friends, work), in addition to time, the sex addict also withdraws attention and money, oblivious to his egocentricity and his inability to love effectively. When the dependent is married, this dependence can give rise to physical and even sexual family abuse. Friendships of this type of dependent are superfluous and only cultivated as generators of compensation (preferably sexual).


With a high level of sexual desire and fantasies, the individual with this pathology feels the need to occupy a lot of their time with this type of practice. The exaggeration of sexual desire in men is called satyriasis, and in relation to women we refer to nymphomania.

Don’t ignore this problem. Don’t hesitate to ask for help, you can tell always with us.


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