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Internet addiction: what to do?

Internet addiction: what to do?


Given that internet addiction stems from the person’s deepest weaknesses and insecurities, the treatment should focus on the individual as a whole and not just the part of his addiction.

It is, thus, a process of self-knowledge and self-acceptance.

1. Treatment for internet addiction

Treatment for cell phone addiction and internet addiction will help the “prisoners” of this technology to free themselves from their true fears and redirect their values and priorities. This structure will allow the patient to acquire tools that allow him to control his obsessive thoughts and, therefore, the compulsion to spend hours on the Internet surfing the Internet and “losing himself” about himself.

Managing time in a different way, enabling the realization of more and different pleasurable activities, but also the performance of duties, is essential. The individual begins to feel more productive and, consequently, their self-esteem is reinforced, as well as “physical” social and family relationships. This is one of the great goals of treatment: to create a support network in the real world in order to alleviate psychological dependence and gain control over real life.

The false security of having the possibility to always be contactable and to contact will give way to the real security of feeling good about yourself, inside yourself. The patient will realize that his greatest need is to communicate with himself, allowing himself to hear his inner self and dialogue with his feelings, without the need for intermediaries. Support, tips and specific therapeutic guidelines will be precious tools to face difficulties and problems in life.

In treatment, the patient becomes able to recognize the elements that make him trigger his behaviors: perceiving thoughts and feelings before and during the connection to the cell phone or the internet allows to reach an understanding of the object of escape. For this, questions such as: what was I thinking about before accessing the internet? What were you feeling? What happened?

Also, obtaining information on this type of dependence on the part of family members reduces their censorship towards the person, stimulates communication between everyone and creates availability for support, both during the treatment and after it has ended. .

At a time when the consequences of excessive internet use are evident, it may become essential to have a specialized intervention that allows individuals to distance themselves from theirgadgets and their apathy and lack of rules or responsibilities, in order to understand what they really are. happens to itself.

2. Therapeutic Intervention in Internet Addiction

The continued work of the therapeutic team and the gradual approach to the group that will be with the subject 24 hours a day play a crucial role in his recovery from internet addiction. This one you will be able to see in the cohesion of the group the confirmation that, regardless of what led each one to the treatment center, the strength of the obsession is identical for everyone. Little by little, relationships of mutual trust are being established between all those involved in the internment process due to the sharing of identifications that arise between all of them. The Internet addict thus begins to acquire the humility to ask for and accept help.

Therapy groups allow for a very rich exchange of experiences, the verbalization, not only of facts or events, but of related feelings, a sense of union, an intuition of equality. In addition, suggestions are made and accepted, affection is given and received.

Anonymity, which is often sought after by the Internet addict, ceases to be important, and he starts to feel accepted for what he really is and did not know how to define it.

In individual therapies, as frequent as necessary, the Internet addict gathers lessons, elements for reflection and the perception of the reasons that led him to escape from himself and the world through his dependence and addiction to the Internet. This gives an impetus and a direction for change.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy will provide you with clues to not only assimilate your problem (since denial is the main obstacle to treatment), but also to master it.


In the treatment, new, different and useful strategies are developed so that the patient can self-regulate in relation to the internet. This is an extremely used tool nowadays and it would be difficult or even impossible not to use it. Therefore, it is expected that the patient will be able to use it less and in a more balanced way, thus limiting its influence and psychological reach.

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