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Drugs: Why Do People Use Them?

Drugs: Why Do People Use Them?


Drugs have been part of the group of most stigmatized addictions for a long time.

For many, to say that someone is drugged is equivalent to considering a person below human dignity, is to look at him as a dangerous being, manipulative, at times, almost a despicable animal.

However, this is in addition that does not choose social conditions, age, gender or race.

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Anyone born with a predisposition to obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviors (about 10% of the world’s population) can, at some point in their life and for a variety of reasons, develop a drug addiction.


The search for “synthetic happiness” can, for many, start still on the benches of school, when the young person is in physical and psychological development, feeling the need to assert themselves personally and socially (the group being their standard of reference). In this period, the adventure’s appeal makes itself felt vehemently and the actions seem to have no consequences.

However, after the “honeymoon” that drugs provide, the void that the young man eventually intended to fill settles in his heart in double or triple doses. It is no longer just the lack of anything in life, which sometimes cannot be explained, but also the lack of use of the substance on which one comes to depend.


As time passes, drug addiction gains ground and the desire to postpone momentary anguish creates permanent anguish. However, the deceptive seduction of drugs destroys dreams to build nightmares, often filled with theft, prostitution and death itself. Generally, these are the three possible outcomes for active drug dependence: prison, hospital and/or death.

When we point the finger at a drug addict, we rarely think about the horrible suffering that is associated with this addiction. Critics seem more interested in “speaking” than in helping a human being like them who needs help to regain his dignity, his life, the ability to free himself, this time with something that won’t destroy him. , of returning to believe in their fellow men, of regaining the joy of living.


However, all this will only become a reality when you stop to think about why the son or daughter has lost so much and has no encouragement for studies, when you dare to ask your husband or wife the reason for so many expenses, when lead a brother or friend to a solution to their problem and when the hands of each one of us reach out to the next, not to judge or accuse, but so that we can grasp the hand of those who want and need help to break free from your addiction. If you need help, you already know: count on us.


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  1. Anonymous 25 de August, 2021

    Love the new blog! I think this can be a great way to reach out to more people who struggle with addiction and other disorders. Thank you for all your help. I still miss the Villa and the staff.


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