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Depression: 10 Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Depression: 10 Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore


Depression can manifest itself in a state of deep sadness, but care must be taken not to confuse it with transitory sadness. This clinical condition affects the mind and tends to manifest itself through physical factors as well. It is important to realize that this can be treated if diagnosed correctly.

However, if you think you may have depression, or if you believe someone close to you may have depression, it’s important to know how to interpret the signs and symptoms. Knowing that sadness is not a symptom of depression by itself, it is important to know and recognize other signs and symptoms.

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At VillaRamadas we have a professional team specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of this type of mental disorder, but we want you to be aware of warning signs so that you can ask for help. Although there are several types of depression, find out what the main signs and symptoms of depression are, in general, and it is important that you do not ignore them.

But keep the note: a symptom is not synonymous with depression. In order for there to be a diagnosis of depression, it is necessary that several symptoms are recognized and identified by specialized professionals and that they meet a certain pattern of persistence.

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1. Feelings of emptiness or sadness

Perhaps the most common symptom of depression is the feeling of emptiness or sadness. It becomes a warning factor when constant and for no apparent reason. It is a sign that the mind is not functioning at its fullest.

Therefore, it is important to realize that this feeling of deep sadness should not be confused with a situation of transient sadness.

2. Sleep problems

Sleep Problems
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The quality of sleep may be one of the factors that most influences the human mind. By not resting, the mind is more susceptible to negative, disturbing thoughts that may not correspond to reality.

3. Lack of energy

The lack of energy (physical factor), tends to be the result of the exhaustion of the body. It can stem from insomnia in some cases and lead to change in daily routines, such as difficulty doing household chores or unwillingness to maintain social interactions.

4. Lack of concentration

In a depressive condition, it is common for the lack of concentration to become constant in the individual’s daily life. It can arise from sleep deprivation and negative thoughts (which overwhelm everything else).

lack of concentration
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5. Body aches

As a result of sleepless nights and lack of energy, it is common for an individual with a depressive condition to have some body aches, which can also lead to slower locomotion.

6. Irritability/Sudden Mood Changes

Although it can be a consequence of other symptoms of depression (such as sleep problems), sudden mood swings are also common.

Mood Swings
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7. Change in appetite

Changing eating habits, either by decreasing or increasing appetite, can be an indication that mental health may not be well.

8. Lack of personal care

When a person no longer feels the need (or even the desire) to take care of himself, this is a warning sign. It reveals that in her consciousness there is some kind of impulse that inhibits her from having control over what she used to do on a regular basis and that now she no longer feels the need to maintain the same habit (but for no apparent reason).

9. Substance abuse

When sadness develops into distress, addictive behaviors can be triggered. To ignore negative feelings, and in the search for a momentary joy, there are individuals who take refuge in alcohol and/or drugs, entering a cycle of dependence on these substances.

Despite being a possible symptom to be identified, it is not always present. However, when present, it should always be evaluated within a whole set of behaviors.

10. Thoughts of death/suicide (Suicidal Ideation)

The set of the various symptoms mentioned above can lead to, together with the feeling of deep sadness, the feeling of emptiness is even greater and triggers thoughts of death and/or suicide. These can be seen as the solution to escape the depressive state (often overlapping with the idea of ​​asking for help).

Mental Health
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If you feel that you have several symptoms of the above, talk to us. Our team specialized in VillaRamadas will be able to help you with a correct diagnosis, in order to present the best treatment for you. Do not hesitate to seek help.


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