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Alcohol and Family

Alcohol and Family


Between alcohol and family, sometimes it seems impossible for the situation to change. That person changes. That surrenders and be humble. That may he be able to treat us differently. That your habits change. That you actually do it, instead of just promising.

However, if you don’t try, you’ll never know.

1. Alcohol and the Family

The consumption of alcoholic beverages can cause addiction and other disturbances due to excessive and irregular use, negatively affecting the family and those close to them. It is a great promoter of domestic violence, separation of couples, interpersonal conflicts, child and parental neglect, in addition to financial and legal difficulties. Furthermore, disagreements, lack of credibility and mistrust are feelings aroused in people who have already gone through the experience of having a dependent and, when there is a dependent in the family, everyone gets sick.

The person who has problems with alcohol and the family does not recognize that they are sick and dependent on this substance. The fear that the disease causes, in addition to suffering and feelings of guilt and shame, makes the whole situation hidden from the family, which makes treatment and rehabilitation of the person even more difficult.

Often, there is alcohol abuse for a long time until family members find out and dependents recognize that there is a problem. They deny that they have an illness or that the link with consumption has an impact on their daily routines.

2. My daughter is an alcoholic… what do I do?”

You can be a wonderful mother, who does everything for the children, and yet they feel that they are missing something they are trying to complete with addiction, or that their suffering is unbearable and that their only way out seems to be to consume to stifle what they feel .

For children, it’s important to remember that no matter how much you pretend you’re okay, that you don’t need help, a parent will always know the truth, and it’s not worth hiding anymore.

For parents, it is important to point out that children need their parents’ help, although it doesn’t seem like it. They may be desperate, but proud or scared enough not to be able to recognize it.

In the problem of alcohol and the family, parental support is essential to face an addiction that comes to completely control someone’s life. However, this one has so much power that it even blinds him and, for this reason, asking for outside help is valid, legitimate and indispensable. You don’t need to be alone. However, it is not always easy to admit that there is a problem and that you cannot solve it yourself.

Giving up on the person will not contribute to their change, and living with the guilt of someone who did nothing does not seem like a viable option. However, emotional support, understanding, and sometimes just being there is more help than you think.


“I have always been a hen mother, who soon lost her husband and had two teenage daughters to raise. It wasn't easy, but there I was doing the best I could. The oldest, she left home at 16 to live with her boyfriend. I accepted, even because she knew both her boyfriend and his family and had only good references. Both had given up on their studies, but they were workers. Everything went well and they even got married. But my daughter overnight changed her attitude and decided to leave her husband, she said she was in love with someone else. That relationship didn't last more than six months, but it was enough to get pregnant. He didn't accept the situation and beat him constantly, until my daughter had the courage to leave him, of course I welcomed her, after all, there was a child who was not to blame for anything. But I hardly knew what I was getting myself into: my dear daughter was addicted to alcohol. She drank to forget the abuse he gave her. As soon as the daughter was born, she started consuming again. I was desperate, what I had to do was that she wasn't even able to take care of her daughter and I couldn't stop working to help her. She was so out of control that she even drank perfumes. How had my girl gotten into this situation? I asked friends for help and we managed to hospitalize her. At the beginning she still wanted to give up, but the entire therapeutic team was tireless, as were the patients and she was holding on, until she realized that this opportunity had been the best thing that could have happened to her, it was salvation. Today she has been sober for a year and is always very positive. She attends Alcoholics Anonymous sessions and goes to after-care. She is a hardworking and caring mother.”


Different consequences at home due to alcohol and the family are possible to be seen, managing to facilitate violence, in addition to involving feelings of denial for this type of damage at home.

The family tries to hide the problems, thus reducing social interactions so that this type of damage is not noticed by people outside the family.

Even with the imminent illness, the family remains in the hope of sobriety, control and reintegration of the dependent socially and in the family.

Do you want to help yourself or a family member? Don’t wait any longer and speak now with us. We know exactly how to help you…


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